As your baby gets older, you’ll realize they need extra gears to keep them comfortable and happy. The transformation from babyhood to toddler hood comes with a lot of changes each of which should be matched with a new toddler gear.


Gone are the days when your child needs only your boobs, a few diapers and a comfortable bed to be happy. Toddler hood is a whole new world. Your not so little baby now wants to explore his environment and perceive the world with his five senses. It’s your responsibility to make this transition as easy and comfortable for them as possible.


This post details some of the most important and essential items a toddler should have for an exciting toddler hood experience.




Your toddler like most others will want a space on your dining table. Too bad the chairs are all meant for adults. That however doesn’t mean he can’t have his own space on the table. You can easily find a booster seat for him.


Booster seats are toddler’s seat with adjustable heights. This type of seat is usually very safe to use and can be adjusted to higher level to meet the dining table. This way, your toddler can sit and eat comfortably from the dining table without you having to reach down to hand out their food.


Another absolute essential item for your toddler is that good old plastic sippy cups. Go for the type with the spout. They are more durable than the straw types.


Bibs are a necessity. Your Toddler’s hands are still a little shaky. To keep them from messing up their clothes at every meal time, you may want to get them a bib. The plastic type is your best option at this point as they are more durable and do not get stained easily.


Other feeding essentials that you should definitely get for your toddler includes plastic spoons, forks and placemat.




Entertainment is part and parcel of our lives. Toddlers also need it all the time. It would be almost impossible for you to be around to entertain them as often as they’d like. As such, you may want to get your kid a tablet.


The tablet is one of those things toddlers see as a really cool toy since they can watch lots of kids channels on it as well as play simple games. It’s a great time spender and will keep them really busy while you try to run around and get some things done or even take care of yourself.


Bedtime stories are very important. It provides kids with wonderful memories to hold on to and at the same time gives you the opportunity to teach them important life lessons rather than letting them learn them by painful experiences later in life.


There are many kid story books you can buy in the market. Some are in series others are collections of different stories.


Toddlers have lots of options when it comes to entertainment. Countless toys ranging from plastic building blocks to coloring papers and plastic houses with gates all abound in the market. When choosing a toy for your toddler, however, ensure it is one they actually liked and will love to play with. Also avoid toys with parts they can easily swallow.


Bath time and clean up


Your kid is growing up really fast at this stage and at the same time exploring the new found environment which most of the time will not be friendly to their health.


As such, when it comes to bathing and cleaning up time, you want to make sure they get properly cleaned up without any of the dirt holding on till the next day.


A good bathing shampoo with a good wipe will do this. When choosing a shampoo, you’ll want to avoid anyone that will be harsh on the skin. Your toddler’s skin is still very young and soft and still taking up its colors. Avoid any product that may alter the color at this stage and most importantly avoid wipes that are rough on the skin.


You may find bathing your toddler in the baby bathtub a little bit challenging as they have grown bigger. As such, you want to go for a bigger bathtub. Your best option at this stage is to find one that’s comfortable for you and at the same time come with a digital thermometer.


Toddlers are very temperature-sensitive. As such, you’ll want to be able to measure the washing temperatures they like best and then get committed to it.


Another toddler must have items when it comes to cleaning up is the potty. Thank God There’s no shortage of those in the market today! Toddlers are not yet adults, they can ask to go poop just about anywhere and at any time. As such, if you move about regularly with your toddler, you may want to get the folding potty seat. This is important for potty training your toddler and it folds into almost any diaper bag.


Art supply


Most toddlers no doubt love to draw and color things the way they imagine them. It’ll be quite fulfilling if you can provide them with simple art supplies like crayon and plain paper book for them to try their hands on.


You may also want to get them those wonderful kid’s coloring books with dotted diagrams for drawing and coloring.


Markers are also important. Most importantly, they should be slim not those fat board markers that they’ll find difficult to hold still. Get the slimmer ones in different colors.




When going out with your toddler especially to the daycare, you’ll want to make sure your toddler has a backpack.


The backpack will provide him with all the space to put all his treasures as well as his diapers.


Babyhood to toddlerhood transition is a huge change for your child. Matching outfits, toys, foods and everything else should be provided to make this transition as smooth as possible. The above are some of the most important toddlers must have items for a happy toddler hood.

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