Just when you’re getting used to your newborn baby’s routines and daily needs, time for preschool suddenly comes up.


Now you have to start it all over again, adjusting to this new challenge and making a new list of everything your child will need to make the first day at preschool as fun as possible.


First day at school will not only be memorable for you and your little one but also for the teacher. It’s a big day for your kid, one you cannot afford for anything to go wrong.


Your kid will not only be anxious as hell on that day but being the first time you’ll be leaving him alone in the midst of strangers and other kids without being present, you sure will be anxious as well. And it’s perfectly normal to feel this way.


After all, all mothers worry about their kids and want the best for them. Knowing fully well, however, that you have packed all your kid will need for the first day at school will go a long way to ease your mind and give a boost to your child’s confidence for the first day at school.


As such, we have come up with this wonderful piece on what every child will need on the first day at school. Pack these up for your kid and you’ll have taken the first step in the process of making his first day at preschool go as smoothly as possible.


Things to pack for the first day at preschool 




The backpack is an absolute necessity and one of the very first things you should consider getting for your kid as you prepare for the first day at school.


The backpack will come handy when you need to pack your kid’s essentials when going to the school. It’ll also come handy when they are given assignments from school or needed to bring home their artwork from the school.


There are quite a lot of options for you when it comes to picking a backpack for your kids. What’s most important at this stage, however, is the size of the backpack. Ensure you go for something that’s mini in size and very light in weight.


Normally, a backpack with a single or double compartment should be enough for your child’s preschool. This should be well padded and the straps must be very easy to adjust.


Art supply 


If the school doesn’t supply each kids with art supplies, you’ll need to pack your child’s art supply before leaving home for school.


Your child will need his own sets of crayon, glue stickers, smocks and even a play note book to express himself once in class.


Most schools tend to have some of these items already in stock. As such it’s best you check up with the school first and see if your child is required to come with them or not.


Diapers and wipes 


Children run through diapers a lot more than you can ever imagine. Schools most times will require that you provide diapers and wipes for your kids.


Since this will be the first day at school, you cannot be sure, how much of these your child will be needing throughout the day. It’s best you pack a few extra more than the amount you normally use at home daily.


This way you can be sure that even if everything goes wrong, your child will be well equipped to handle them with the extra diapers and wipes.


Wipes are very essential. Like diapers, it never hurts to pack more than is necessary. Pack as much of this as you can. If your child’s skin is very sensitive to diapers, you may also want to pack a diaper rash cream along with everything else.




You may want to purchase a separate bib sets for your child school to make everything more convenient for you and your child.


If your child is just teething, you may want to include smaller bibs to protect their clothes as they tend to drool a lot during this period.


Also pack larger bibs. These will be used at meal times to keep their food from messing up their clothes.


Pack four or five of each bibs for your child. This way, it could be changed easily throughout the day.


Spill proof water bottles 


It doesn’t matter if you decide to go with either a sippy cup or an actual water bottle. What matters most is to go with a water container that your child will be able to open and drink from after all those running around and play.




Pack plenty of food and snacks so your child doesn’t go hungry when you’re away.


Most schools will give you guidelines on the kinds of foods that are not allowed in the school. You’ll do well to follow this advice.


Along with the food, you should also pack up a little milk or juice for your kid.


Back up clothes 


Carefulness is not one of the greatest points of children.


They can easily get messy and stain their clothes with crayons, their foods or even get them wet. It’s best that you pack as many extra wears for them as possible.


The wears however should be appropriate for the season.


Indoor shoes 


Since your kid will be spending most of the day indoors, you might want to find an appropriate shoe for them.


A good indoor shoe that’s comfortable and slip proof will go along way in keeping them on their feet throughout the day without causing any pains or blisters.


Cuddle toy 


If your child is particularly fond of teddy bear or other stuffed toys, you may to go with this to the school.


This will come handy when your baby needs to sleep in the school or becomes restless. You should however check with the school first and see if they permit kids to bring their own toys from home.


Other school necessities you might consider going along with are your kids special blankets and sheets as well as any medications they may be on together with the instructions for them.


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