In the early weeks, only a handful of items are necessary to keep you and your newborn comfortable and happy.


You’ll no doubt have come across lots of baby websites on the internet with ridiculously long list of newborn must haves. Getting all that will not only stretch your budget beyond its limits but will also fill your home with items you’ll probably end up not using at all!


As a potential new mom you’re probably really anxious right now. It’s slowly dawning on you now that you’re not only expecting a newborn but will be responsible for it as well. That task alone is enough to make anyone anxious.


And just like everyone else, you want to get this right at all cost. But ‘getting it right’ with your newborn doesn’t have to cost you a mountain. For some experienced moms, the only newborn must haves are their boobs, some diapers and a comfy bed to sleep on and they will be happy with their babies.


For some others, they must have all the baby gadgets that has ever been invented or nothing else.


This list of newborn must haves falls in between the two extremes. It’s a grey area and a perfect fit for all expectants moms on the essentials for a newborn.


16 Newborn must-haves to make your baby comfortable and happy




This is one of the most essential newborn must-haves.


You should get at least fifty of these and keep them handy. Babies poop more times per day than you can ever imagine. As such, having a stash of diapers somewhere in the room will save you from a lot of stress and time.


Also, you may want to get a few diapers essentials such as baby wipes. Your newborn skin will be quite soft and very sensitive. You cannot afford to irritate it by using just about any wipe or tissue paper that’s close by.


Go for specially fabricated baby wipes that are soft on the skin and very absorbent. You’ll go through more wipes in the day than you’re probably thinking right now, so it’d be a great idea if you can get as much as possible or even get a scheduled delivery for them to be delivered to your home.




Onesies or bodysuits


Onesies are the absolute must-haves for newborns. They are comfortable wears and are very convenient for diaper change.


You may want to get at least 7-10 bodysuits before your baby arrives, those types with snap buttons at the pubic or optionally, the ones with snap button down.


Leggings or stretch pants


Getting leggings for your newborn will probably be one of the best decisions you’ll make in terms of clothing.


They are comfortable and when you need to change a clothing item, you won’t need to change everything just because the top messed up. 7-8 leggings or stretch pants will be a good start.




You’ll need a few shirts to go with leggings or stretch pant. 6-7 of these will do for the first few weeks.


Socks and booties 


Socks and booties are quite important and protective too.


Socks are very easy to misplace especially as you won’t be paying much attention to them. As such, it’ll make perfect sense to go for the inexpensive types. This way, if you can’t find them, you can easily order replacement without worrying about spending too much.


Knitted caps 


This is especially important if your birth month falls in the cold months of winter. Use them to keep the baby head warm. You may also want to get baby mittens for both hands and feet.




Crib and mattress


Making your newborns sleep as comfortable as possible should is non-negotiable.


Babies sleep a lot and will probably spend most of their waking periods in the crib, so makes perfect sense that you invest in a good crib with durable soft mattress.


Bed linen 


It’s best you get at least three or four bed linens for your baby. Newborn poop a lot and things can easily get messy at night. When this happens, you’ll want to make sure you have a backup ready at hand.


Swaddling blankets


Babies love the feeling of being bundled up and feeling secure. Getting a swaddling blanket is taking the right step in making your baby happy and feeling secure.


1 or 2 swaddling blanket will be enough for the first week.




Burp clothes


These are helpful for when the newborn makes a mess. Get at least 6-8 of these and you’ll be glad you did. 10 is not too much as you’ll need to have some handy while the others are in the washer or dryer.


Breast pumps and storage bottles


If you plan feeding your baby off the breast, you’ll need to get a good breast pump. There are many options in the market, some manual others automatic. Your choice should depend on your budget and comfort.


Feeding off breast will require storage bottles. These will also come in handy if you plan to feed your baby with baby formula.




Baby bathtub


It’ll be almost impossible to bath your new born baby in an adult bathtub. In fact you don’t want to try it.


Instead find a good baby bathtub for your baby before it arrives.


Wash clothes 


You’ll need a few soft wash clothes for your baby. 1 or 2 will be sufficient.


Baby shampoo 


When it comes to baby shampoo, you have lots of options in the market. You probably will want to go for a shampoo that will maintain its natural skin colour.


Play toys 




Not all babies will accept a pacifier. But it’ll be a good idea to have one ready if it becomes necessary.




Newborns don’t need much toys to keep them happy. A simple jiggling toy is probably all you’ll need to make them smile or to stop crying.



If you plan to move around a lot with your baby then getting a baby car seat, stroller and a small diaper handbag will be a good idea.

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