how to buy shoes that fit your toddler

As your child starts exploring the world around them, make sure the shoes they wear give them the necessary support at every step of the way. 


Toddlers are just beginning to learn how to balance on their feet. Making the first steps as easy as possible will not only make them want to take more but also increase their confidence in their ability to hold themselves. 


As such, when buying toddler’s shoes, comfort, functionality and fit should take priority on your list of things to look out for, while fashion and style should be least on your list. 


In this short guide on how to choose the right shoes for toddlers, we’ll show you how to shop for shoes that best fit your toddler and provide them with the much needed support to balance on their feet and explore their new found environment with confidence. 


6 tips for buying toddler’s shoe that really fits 


Measure your child’s feet


When it comes to buying shoes for your toddler, the most important thing to consider is fit. Ensuring that your child’s shoes fit perfectly will not only make the walking process painless but also boast their confidence. 


As such, you’ll want to start by measuring your child’s feet before shopping for new shoes. Avoid falling into the trap of shoe size by age charts. Kids feet even of the same age varies significantly. You’ll want to make sure you take your child’s uniqueness in this aspect into consideration. 


Have your child put on the socks he’ll be wearing with the shoe and measure the length of both feet. You can trace the feet on a clean plain paper and measure the length with a measuring tape or measure it directly. If the length of both feet varies significantly, you should shop for shoes that fit the longer foot. 


Select a shoe that fit


It’s often very important that you purchase a shoe that your child actually likes. Kids, though little have a habit of going for a particular shoe again and again and often never wear others if they are allowed to make their choice. 


To avoid buying shoes that your kid will end up not wearing, you may want to give them a chance to make a choice. 


However, ensure the shoes they pick fits. If it doesn’t, gently explain to them why they cannot go for such shoes and make a new choice for them. 


Check the vamp


After selecting a shoe that fits lengthwise, you might want to check for comfortability. The best place to look is the shoe’s vamp. 


Let your child put on the shoe, gently press the vamp – the toe part of the shoe. This should give a little depression and shouldn’t be stiff. 


If stiff, it means your kid’s toes are actually pressing against the walls of the shoe. This could cause a lot of pain and blisters in the feet after walking or running small distances in them. 


If it’s too loose, your child will find it difficult balancing in the shoe. The space between the toe and the shoe walls for maximum comfort is around 0.5 to 1 centimetres. 


Check the heel 


Another area to look before deciding to make the purchase is the space between the shoe heel and the back of your child’s foot. 


If this space is too tight, it may rub against the flesh on the heels and cause blisters. Most times, you’ll want to ensure your forefinger fits snugly in between the shoe heel and your child’s heel while his wearing the shoe. If the finger cannot go in, you might want to opt in for another pair. 


Hard or soft soles? 


Just like adults, toddlers shoes with soles that are too soft can cause slips and falls. This is because they are not easy to balance in and can get very slippery. 


Soles that are too hard are also not advisable as they tend to fall on the heavier side and toddlers might find them tiring to play in. 


You want something that’s not too tough or soft. Leather and rubber soles tends to be the best options in this case. 


Buying your toddler’s shoes online 


Shopping for your toddler shoes online is quite easy if you are careful to put international size charts into consideration and also give the necessary centimetres allowance. 


You are welcome to click on our store and have a look at our wide collection of soft and comfortable toddler’s shoes.


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